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Elly's Monthly: September

As each month passes we are left with a (hopefully) full camera roll and the expression that "I cannot believe it is already October." 
September was a wonderful month because 1.) it is September, the best of all months and 2.) it was my birthday month.
Although the weather is still balancing on summer heat, I have been in such an anticipation for autumn. Since is now October and yes, I cannot believe it is already October, here are my favorites from the past few weeks...



*sixteen going on seventeen*

This past Friday, I celebrated my sixteenth Birthday! I had such a lovely day and received so many sweet birthday wishes. (my heart nearly exploded.) Throughout the day, I captured photos with my fancy new app that gives photos a look like a film camera. 


My Autumn Reading List

It is now, officially, autumn and I couldn't be happier about that fact. Autumn is my favorite time of year because it means; brisk weather, warm drinks, layered outfits, and best of all good books!
This year I have cultivated a large to-be-read list. There are so many beautiful books that came out recently and so I decided to compile them all into one post. Enjoy my list of what I plan to read this fall, read along and get cosy.


Elly's Monthly: August

Hey friends! it is the end of the month, my favorite time because it means it is time for my monthly wrap up post!