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Book Review: Crazy Rich Asians

With all of the hype surrounding the movie, I simply had to read Crazy Rich Asians.

When Rachel Chu agrees to spend the summer in Singapore with her boyfriend, Nicholas Young, she envisions a humble family home, long drives to explore the island, and quality time with the man she might one day marry. What she doesn't know is that Nick's family home happens to look like a palace, that she'll ride in more private planes than cars, and that with one of Asia's most eligible bachelors on her arm, Rachel might as well have a target on her back. Initiated into a world of dynastic splendor beyond imagination, Rachel meets Astrid the It Girl of Singapore society; Eddie, whose family practically lives in the pages of the Hong Kong socialite magazines; and Eleanor, Nick's formidable mother, a woman who has very strong feelings about who her son should - and should not - marry.



Elly's Monthly: November

Hi, friends! 
Here with yet another monthly wrap up! I always enjoy writing these mini scrapbook style posts. Last month was very sparse with favorites but November added up to be a very full month!


Elly's Monthly: October

Hey, it's Elly. Coming at you late with another Elly's Monthly post
*annoying theme song plays, tv is turned off*


Elly's Monthly: September

As each month passes we are left with a (hopefully) full camera roll and the expression that "I cannot believe it is already October." 
September was a wonderful month because 1.) it is September, the best of all months and 2.) it was my birthday month.
Although the weather is still balancing on summer heat, I have been in such an anticipation for autumn. Since is now October and yes, I cannot believe it is already October, here are my favorites from the past few weeks...



*sixteen going on seventeen*

This past Friday, I celebrated my sixteenth Birthday! I had such a lovely day and received so many sweet birthday wishes. (my heart nearly exploded.) Throughout the day, I captured photos with my fancy new app that gives photos a look like a film camera.